Hello!  My name is Sophie.

I’m a qualified postpartum doula, pilates instructor, shiatsu therapist and mother of two.

I love supporting mothers throughout pregnancy and after birth.

I love nurturing mama bodies with soothing bodywork and healthy, happy movement.

love helping women befriend their body with kindness and reverence.

My mothering journey began in 2012 with the birth of my son. Since then, the profound impact that pregnancy, birth and early mothering have on how a woman’s body feels, moves and functions and how these impact her whole life have deeply affected me.

I’ve had my own journey of recovery and healing including adventures with pelvic girdle pain (a really sore pelvis) pelvic floor dysfunction (a rather unreliable Pelvic Floor) adrenal fatigue (complete and utter exhaustion). These debilitating conditions have illustrated to me how women really could benefit from much more support and education on how to be healthy and strong for the everyday, never ending demands of motherhood.

Some fundamental and simple elements help immensely with recovering from birth and also thriving within the motherlife. Too often these are neglected.

  • Embracing support.
  • Great nutrition.
  • Rest, rest and more rest.
  • Nurturing bodywork.
  • Simple restorative and rehabilitative movement, or exercise.

But its soooo hard, to prioritise your own health as a mother (I know, breastfeeding all of the time, sick children, nappy explosions), as a woman (there’s all the house work, perhaps your paid work, that mental load, all of the socks under the sofa), as a human (yes, you absolutely do need time to rest, recuperate and restore your health).

Pregnancy and birth place extreme demands on your physicality.

Even if your birth was everything you had hoped, your muscles, ligaments, bones were still all stretched out, these take time to heal and repair. Especially if your birth was challenging, difficult, perhaps devastating, your body needs love and attention, time, bodywork, movement retraining and really good nutrition to recover.

I cannot emphasise enough how women’s bodies deserve and need support to heal.

If you heal well, perhaps you may find more energy, more strength, more calm. You might even care better for your children, in a way that allows you to feel content. Likely you will stand in the heart of your family feeling strong and centred and whole as a Person.

Bearing Wonder, shall be where all my learning and daydreaming may be collected, sorted and shared, and will chronicle the process of recuperation and transformation in becoming a Mother.

We only get one body. One life.

Restore her, heal her, cherish her .



Sophie, I can’t imagine what my postpartum experience would have been like without you, so thank you for your beautiful support – your wisdom and kindness and gentleness, as well as your cooking and massage and all your other skills! I felt so loved and supported and I think it has set me up for motherhood in the most perfect way. I feel nourished, I understand how I need to rest, I feel more confident as a mother.”
– Mama Damaris

Training and Qualifications:

  • Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner 2022.
  • Birth Cartographer Training. 2022.
  • The Body Ready Method. 2022.
  • Physiologic Baby Care Course. Innate Traditions.2021.
  • Postpartum Belly Binding; La Matriz 2021.
  • The Art of Birth; Naoli Vinaver 2021.
  • Birth Trauma Training for Birth Workers; doctorerin.com.au 2020.
  • The Shoulder Solution; coreexercisesolutions.com 2020.
  • Trauma-Informed Practice for birth professionals with Nisha Gill, 2020.
  • Trauma-Informed Practice for bodyworkers with Nisha Gill, 2019.
  • Optimal Maternal Positioning workshop with Ginny Phang, 2019.
  • Orgasmic Birth workshop with Debora Pascali-Bonaro, 2019.
  • Pregnancy Corrective Exercise Specialist; coreexercisesolutions.com, 2019.
  • Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss 15 hr online training; The Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath and Death 2018.
  • Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist; coreexercisesolutions.com 2018.
  • Advanced CPD in Modern Postnatal assessment, Core Restore and Functional Exercise Programming; burrelleducation.com 2018.
  • Newborn Mother Postpartum Professional; newbornmothers.com 2017.
  • Advanced CPD in Modern Functional Pregnancy Exercise Programing; burrelleducation.com 2017.
  • Spinning Babies Workshop; Ginny Phang-Davey, fourtrimesters.com 2017.
  • Creative Ways of Making Space for the Baby, Part 1; birthwork.com 2017.
  • Advanced Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction, National Pilates Training 2015.
  • Extraordinary Vessels Shiatsu for Pregnancy & Birth; Suzanne Yates, wellmother.org 2014.
  • Diploma in Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies; Australian Shiatsu College 2009.
  • Pilates Matwork Certificate, Pilates Foundation UK 2005, Cert IV 2008, Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction Pilates International Training Centre 2009.
  • BA in Dance with Honours (WAAPA), 2001.