The initial postpartum period is traditionally focused on the first 42 days, or six weeks after birth.

A magical period of time sometimes called the ‘Golden Month’ in Traditional Chinese Medicine or the ‘Sacred Window’ in Ayurveda.

It’s been said that during this precious time previous illness can be healed, and that the first 42 days after birth, sets the health for a woman for the next 42 years.

But, what if life with a baby is complete chaos?

What if you struggle with sleep deprivation, feel overwhelmed, isolated, and miss your friends and hobbies? What if you just don’t know what to do with a new baby? Perhaps you have no family close by to support you? Or maybe your family is around but can’t help? How will you cope with a newborn and an active toddler? What if you don’t feel very supported by your partner? Or your partner doesn’t seem to know how to care for and nurture you? What if the emotional strain is too much and your relationship struggles? How can you possibly plan for the unknown?

In Home Support Packages

Inner North, Melbourne, Australia.

How would it be if life with your new baby was full of cuddles? How would you feel if new motherhood was lovely and quiet at home with plenty of time and space for healing after giving birth? What if you felt safe and secure in supporting your baby and raising a healthy child? Imagine if you could balance things well and you felt you could nurture and connect with your baby? How would it feel for your baby to be born into a cradle of love that could enrich your life and strengthen your relationships? What if having a baby could add depth and meaning to your whole life?


A postpartum package will support you mama, to create the life you want with your newborn baby.


There’s no need to get dressed or wrangle with the baby capsule. Stay home, in your pyjamas and let me take care of you.


There is so much more to recovering from birth than just ‘losing the baby weight’.


“Thank you Sophie for your amazing care, you really made my weeks brighter and lighter! From the food to the bodywork, I felt so much better after each visit… re energised! I DEFINITELY would recommend to other mothers! First thing I told my partner after the first visit was that every new mother should have a postpartum doula! I can’t believe it’s not more common! This has been by far the best money spent. I wish I had thought of it with my first baby!” Mama Olga.


Every package includes one prenatal planning visit and postpartum visits depending on the package you choose as well as; black sesame oil for self oil massage, belly binding materials and guidance, and my postpartum planner Nurture Her in ebook format.


At each individual visit you can choose from: meal preparation, bodywork, pelvic floor and abdominal safe functional movement education and training.

‘The First 21 Days’
Postpartum Body Love & Recovery Package.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’? I believe ‘it takes a village to support a mother,’ it’s OK to ask for help. In fact it’s smart to ask for help. After giving birth you need to prioritise rest, recuperation and healing and you need support to ensure you recover well. You were never meant to do this alone.

Includes one online prenatal planning appointment and three lovely 3 hr, nurturing and nourishing postpartum home visits as well as oil, belly binding, and recipes to support you during postpartum.

Your Investment: 2 x payments of $599

‘The First 42 Days’
Postpartum Body Love & Recovery Package.

Invest in you mama, to support your physical recovery and your mental health, your relationship’s with your partner and your baby, your breastfeeding journey and your long term health. Prioritising your postpartum health now is a brave and radical act in a culture that completely overlooks the unique healing requirements of newborn mothers.

Includes one online prenatal planning appointment and six lovely 3 hour, nurturing and nourishing postpartum home visits as well as oil, belly binding, and recipes to support you during postpartum.

Your investment: 3 x payments $733. 

Meal planning and preparation

Meal planning and preparation

After giving birth your nutrient stores are very depleted and you actually require more calories not less to facilitate healing whilst also supporting breastfeeding.

But it can be really hard to feed yourself whilst also caring for a tiny baby.

I love cooking delicious and nutritious food for new mothers and am especially keen on ensuring you have plenty of tasty snacks on hand to support you during this time of healing and recovery.

Shiatsu Treatment

Bodywork - Shiatsu Treatment

Bodywork after birth can sometimes feel like a luxury, but actually it’s a really useful therapeutic modality that helps restore your body to health and wellness.
It flushes toxins and excess fluid and helps to boost circulation whilst you’re recuperating.
Think of massage at this time as a super lazy exercise routine that keeps your body moving in the early postpartum period, whilst you’re busy resting. In some cultures new mothers receive a massage every day after giving birth. Every day!

Shiatsu is a Japanese form of bodywork received with all clothes on and is given on a mat on the floor. It can be gentle and calming or strong and relieving. You can snuggle up next to your baby and breastfeed if you like.

Closing The Bones

Bodywork - Closing The Bones

This is a lovely and rather soothing restorative postpartum bodywork practice involving rocking and wrapping your body with shawls so you feel held, contained, safe.
I also use a collection of techniques including hara massage, abdominal oil massage, and warming moxa for your belly.

After your baby is born it’s not unusual to feel a sense of emptiness or disconnection to your abdomen and womb area.

‘Closing the Bones’ helps you feel more centred, more connected and more grounded inside your body.

“My friend absolutely loved it! She said it was her favourite gift. Thank you so much for offering Closing the Bones!” – Carrie Rigoni

Postpartum Corrective Exercise

Postpartum Corrective Exercise

Rehabilitative, pilates based exercise that’ll help your body recover after birth. It’s movement training that’ll help your body to feel better and work better. We can check your belly for any abdominal separation, get your abdominals working again, support your pelvic floor recovery.

You may need to be referred on to a women’s health physiotherapist
(I actually think every woman should see one after giving birth).

Healing from pregnancy and birth take time. There’s no long term benefit to your body by ‘bouncing back’ quickly, there’s no rush!

Whilst my favourite thing ever is to help you care for and nurture your body as you recover from birth and discover your Mama instincts, sometimes taking care of you means we just need to get some practicalities sorted out! Which is why postpartum visits may include some of the following:

  • Making you tea and holding your baby just in case you’d like to drink it warm.
  • Village building, identifying and gathering your people. Your support circle wants to support you but may just not know how.
  • Baby support eg; I’ll cuddle your baby so you can eat with two hands or even take a shower or bath.
  • Help and resources for normal breastfeeding.
  • Listening to your birth story if you need and want to share it.
  • A lesson in belly binding.
  • A lesson in self oil massage.
  • Navigating visitors and all the overwhelming advice.
  • Your mothering vision, hopes and dreams for you and your family.
  • Oxytocin boosting and self care planning. Peace, love and Joy.
  • Intention setting for each appointment and your whole week.
  • Pelvic floor and abdominal recovery support.
  • Simple stretches to relieve sore tight shoulders.
  • Self massage practices to soothe you body.
  • Time for you – if you want to nap or read or eat cake, I’ll help you do it!
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It's never to late to take care of yourself.

Many mothers find that for them motherhood actually gets more difficult and lonely a few months in when the excitement has worn off, friends and family think you’ve got it all under control, the visitors stop coming, sleep deprivation’s taking hold and you suddenly realise your baby is here to stay – there is no holiday!


So, if you’re past the first six weeks postpartum and perhaps you missed the whole first 42 days nurture thing and you’re a mother who needs some mothering now, then please get in touch. Its not too late to take care of you now.

It’s never too late!
You can have a belated, extended and blissful nurture period right now.
I’d love to support you in caring for your heart and rehabilitating your body inside of the motherlife.