Your Postpartum Planning Guide is here!

Nurture Her: How to care for your post-birth body with kindness and reverence.’

‘Nurture Her’ is a postpartum planning guide.

It’s a practical ebook planner to work through with your partner and/or support people, to ensure you receive the care your need after giving birth.

This postpartum planning guide walks you through step by step a simple plan to ensure you begin to heal your remarkable body right after you’ve given birth, and then continue healing throughout your many years of mothering ahead.

I wrote this guide for you because as a new mother, I didn’t comprehend the enormous value of rest and recuperation during the postpartum period. Instead, I expected to return to ‘normal’ as soon as possible.

AND, because SO many women with whom I’ve worked, have been completely surprised and deeply affected by the changes in how their body works after giving birth.

AND, because once when I was teaching a postpartum planning workshop, an expectant dad asked, ‘Is there a plan? Do you have a plan we can follow?’ This question sparked in me the desire to map out a clear strategy for postpartum recovery and recuperation, to help mothers and their partners plan for best healing during the first 42 days after giving birth.

So ‘Nurture Her’ is here to help you plan for healing, recovery, peace and joy inside of Motherhood.

“Giving birth is such a big experience. Your body is challenged, your mind altered and your heart burst wide open with love.”

Testimonials for 'Nurture Her'

  • Sophie's book helped me see the importance of the postpartum period, honouring this time and my body. I've come to understand the value of doing what I can for my body during this time to set myself up in good stead for the future. The resources and questions posed by Sophie have opened conversations with my family about our hopes and expectations for this time.  An easy, accessible, and worthwhile read!

  • As someone whose natural inclination is to be busy  - through working long hours as well as training for endurance events, your book was a very reassuring reminder to slow down, enjoy early motherhood and prioritise healing through rest. The book has given me some great ideas for strategies to relax, heal and willingly accept support from those around me.

  • Just wanted to let you know that I worked through the planner with my partner and we both found it really useful! Such a brilliant tool and it has really helped me feel like I'm ready for the next period.

  • Highly recommend! Grab a cuppa and settle in and let the author guide you gently through your post natal journey.

  • This e book invites kindness. It is something I could come back to again and again.

  • This e-book is really beautifully thought out and written. Thank you for sharing it with the world.

  • The love and care that Sophie has for new mothers is woven through every page of this guide. It was not only a joy to read but full of so much valuable information and shared wisdom for those planning their postpartum. Truly one of the most holistic, practical and accessible postpartum guides I have seen. A real gift.    

    Anne Williams Postpartum Mentor at Blissful Mothers








Pregnancy, birth and Motherhood, stretch us to our limits. Literally. Which is why it’s beyond time for Mothers to receive the support and care they need!

I wonder what would happen if after giving birth, physical healing and recovery of your body was considered a vital and non-negotiable priority.

How might it feel to know that deep nourishing care for you and your new mama body was completely normal?

By transforming the care mothers receive during the first six weeks after giving birth, could it be possible to reduce the prevalence and severity of symptoms of postpartum depression, depletion, exhaustion and many of the invisible pelvic injuries women endure? 

And yet the first 42 days after birth are just the beginning of your life as a mother.

So whilst this postpartum planning guide is aimed at the first six weeks after giving birth, it will lay down foundations of care to support you through the fourth trimester and beyond into the loooong years of mothering ahead.

And you can come back to this postpartum planning guide anytime you’re feeling depleted and overwhelmed and need reminding that of course! You need taking care of too.

Motherhood calls for SO much more support and nurturing for each and every woman. Imagine if this were possible for all mothers.