Most brave and lovely Mother,  you are in the right place. 

Why not make a cuppa and rest for a moment.

Be quiet, be still and Breathe.

Motherhood, is a long haul of both precious and exhausting moments.

I wonder, what do you need to make it through with a little joy? Not just limping along, ground down, lonely and frustrated.

Perhaps some Time alone? Some Space? Some Tea? Some little moments of Joy?

Certainly a working body. One that doesn’t leak. Or constantly ache. Or grind to a halt with exhaustion before the day has even begun.

Perhaps some Love? Cake. Flowers. Kindness. A walk in the park, on the grass. Laughter. 


I love helping women

befriend their body

with kindness and


Bearing Wonder is a blog offering thoughtful and rather earnest writing, on how Birthing and Mothering affects bodies. Asking, how may it possible for a Mother to;

  • Find kindness, rest and recuperation in the everyday moments of Motherlife.
  • Move better, with more strength and less pain and discomfort.
  • Support her body from the inside out and take special care of the Pelvic floor and healing Abdominals.
  • Discover all sorts of different modalities and allied health practitioners that can help navigate the birthing years.
  • Tell our individual stories in an effort to collate our collective experience of Matrescence.

Particular attention falls onto my first love, Movement and also on my current preoccupation, recovering from exhaustion, specifically Postnatal Depletion and Adrenal Fatigue.

Here, the most important thing is your health, function, strength, kindness and joy. Here you may explore and navigate the wonderment of discovering your Bearing’s in Motherhood.

You are sooooo welcome to linger here for a while to revive your body and heart.

Together we may consider and contemplate what it is to be a human mother, Now.

  • I was lucky enough to take part in Sophie’s Pilates classes both pre- and post-natal. Being able to maintain exercise through the third trimester significantly reduced my discomfort and helped me cope with the major change to my body postpartum.

    The post-natal classes were excellent for enabling me to regain an exercise regime that reduced tightness and soreness while promoting recovery. I found that the recovery of my pelvic floor and core strength was significantly enhanced by attending the post-natal classes, which were very much focused on working at my own level.

    Sophie is a wonderful instructor and I would thoroughly recommend her classes, both pre- and post-natal.

    Kate Bourne Mother to an 18 month old
  • I saw Sophie for a Closing of the Bones ritual 12 weeks postpartum. With abdominal separation I had felt quite open as one would expect after birth. Sophie’s work incorporating various Shiatsu points and moxa enhanced the feeling of being cared for and nurtured in a beautiful way.

    The wrapping was a lovely feeling of being brought back to centre. With so much on keeping up with a new baby and little one, it was a priceless gift to be supported in closing off and come home to the self.

    Thank you Sophie, for your precious gift of wisdom and nurturing! Restoration such as this is so rare yet so deeply needed in motherhood!

    Leah Jade Mother of two, ages 3 months and 4 years.
  • Sophie was an amazing support during my postpartum period. I always looked forward to her visits where she was a calm, caring and grounding presence that lifted me up even when I was struggling. I loved having food prepared for me as I found this was something I struggled to keep on top of previously.

    I was a little hesitant to whether I really need paid support because I had lots of family willing to help. But my mental health this time (with second baby) was much more supported and I felt more in control and empowered during my postpartum period.

    I truly believe that everyone deserves postpartum support. 100% yes to a postpartum doula!

    Kate Harrison Little Yarrow
  • My friend absolutely loved it! She said it was her favourite gift. Thank you so much for offering Closing the Bones!

    Carrie Rigoni Gifted Closing the Bones to her friend.

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